Please Sir, May I have a Menu?

I went out for lunch to a place where I have been a few times before and have enjoyed good food and service each time.  This time I cannot fault the meal that was just as moreish as usual though the service from our waiter (in my opinion) warrants a formal complaint.

There were four of us seated at a table but only three menus were handed out with the waiter quickly walking away to carry on with his job.  When I realised what had happened, I wanted to wait for the same waiter to ask him for a menu though before I knew it someone else had asked another waiter for a menu.  The menu was handed to the person who asked for it then it was placed in front of me with, “Oh, that hasn’t happened for years – has it?” quietly spoken.  “No and it was rude.” I replied in my usual voice without caring who may have heard me.

We all carried on studying our menus with small talk about what to choose and then it came time to place our orders.  The first order given to the waiter was apparently mine, going by the hand gestures and everything, then one by one everyone else stated what they were having, leaving me a bit deflated on two accounts.

The first being that a complete stranger just assumed that I was unable to read or whatever his problem was with me, who knows.  I do know though, that the way he treats customers can make or break the restaurant’s reputation and therefore letting the manager know would have been a positive action to take for the restaurant and as well myself.

The second thing that left me a bit deflated and probably was the most damaging for me, was the fact that when I asked a waiter if I could see the manager I was swiftly cut off by a person I was with.  This was done because a function may be held there in the near future and the inference was made that I should not jeopardise that.  What did they think I was going to do?  Yell, scream or even better, start a fist fight!

I believe that complaints can provide positive feedback and should be welcomed.  I also believe that the person who stopped me from talking to the manager doesn’t know or respect me as much as they would claim.