My Battle with the Bottle

I am old enough to vaguely remember the Milkman leaving bottles of milk at our front door.  Yes, glass bottles with foil tops that you’d push in to open.

As a kid I wasn’t able to get myself a drink of milk because the glass bottle would be too slippery for me to grab it out of the fridge.  Even if I were able to take a bottle out, I would spill it trying to open it.  I could never seem to push the middle of the foil, which would in theory, release the top from the bottle easily.

Then the plastic milk bottle with the handle was invented which gave me the ability to grab myself some milk.  If the bottle is full, I’m more likely to spill a little but it’s cheaper and easier to clean up a little spit milk than a whole bottle as well as smashed glass.

Now, it’s as though the milk bottle has come full cycle and has taken away some of my independence because some brands of milk have a seal under the screw top lid.  Similar to dips and yogurt tubs, the tabs that you use to pull the container open with is often too small for me to grip.  Therefore if I forget, (which I often do), to have the seal taken off these containers when someone’s here to do it, I’m unable to open them.  I have been known to take a knife to things on the odd occasion though!

Have you ever thought that such a small cap could mean the difference between independence and dependence?