It has to be Monday

Have you ever just wanted to go back to bed and start the day again in the hope that it would be better than the one that you’ve had?  I had one of those the other day.

I thought that I had it all planned: have a shower, ring to see if I could book the car in for a Service late morning after an appointment that I had, then organise a cab to a train station to get home.  Easy!

I knew what the date was and I knew that the date of my appointment was different though I didn’t put two and two together. I turned up to an appointment exactly one week early.  Cool!  I can get the car in early and hopefully do the food shopping on my walk home.  So my Worker and I dropped off the car early and thought we’d get a bus to the train station because it wasn’t far and it was cheaper.

We walked through a shopping centre to where the Bus Stop was just to discover that the path lead to a step down gutter and not pram ramp.  Great, play cars or walk all the way round where we had come from?  All we had to do was one road and we’d be there.  Yep, I chose to pretend that I was a car.

Upon my safe arrival at the Bus Stop, we discovered that all inbound buses left from the street outside of the shopping centre and only outbound left from where we were.  And of course we needed to go inbound!  Back to the cab rank with the one pram ramp at one end of it and rang for a maxi.  Five minutes past. Damn! How the hell am I supposed to get off the footpath and behind my cab if more turn up!  Crossed the road again to where there was a pram ramp and I didn’t have to play dodge ‘em.

We got a driver who tried to go the long way to the train station but he and my Worker heard, “No, go straight ahead!”  Surprise, surprise, the driver knew exactly where to go from there nor did he try to detour again. We arrived at the train station without too much bitching from me (I have many cabbie stories which I’ll get to later), only to be greeted with a voice over saying, that our train would be delayed 15 minutes.  Great!  We already had a 20 minute wait.

By this time, I had about an hour and a half to get my Worker home so that they could leave for their other commitments.  Wait for train or cab and the cab won.  A Station Master was walking toward me.  My head was going, will I or won’t I?  Suddenly, “Excuse me, do you know what the name of the street is down there?” came out of my mouth.  After listening to his explanation as to why the trains weren’t running (even though that’s not what I asked him!), I thanked him and took off so that he couldn’t hear me laugh at what just happened.

Finally arrived home with 10 minutes to spare.