Is There A Bed For Me?

There is a milestone birthday coming up in my family and my brother had the idea of us all going away for the weekend to celebrate it.  So I took to the internet to look for wheelchair accessible accommodation on the Sunshine Coast.

It took me hours, over two days, to crawl through 100+ properties only to find fifteen places who claimed to have wheelchair access.  I emailed all fifteen asking for the availability of dates that we wanted and specific questions about wheelchair access. To cut a very long story short, all fifteen places responded though only two had “proper” wheelchair access.  The dates we wanted were available at one place but the other fully accessible property had a long waiting period.

I emailed the place that suited us to confirm that there was a wheel-in shower without a lip or screen around it and that there were handrails in the shower and beside the toilet.  Everything sounded really good so I asked a Worker to ring them to see if there was another cottage with three bedrooms (originally I had asked for two, but in hindsight wished I asked about a three bedroom).  There was a three bedroom cottage available but they had to get back to me about wheelchair accessibility.  The understanding was that I would book the two bedroom cottage if the three bedroom cottage wasn’t suitable and pay a deposit.  I was told that this wasn’t a problem and they would ring back the next day to finalise things and confirm the suitability (or not) of the three bedroom cottage.

Cool, it’s all starting to come together nicely.  I’ve made a tentative booking for the accommodation in the location close to where we wanted in a relatively short time. The only thing left to do is for my bro to do his part and lure our parents there.

The place rang back around lunchtime the next day but not to confirm my booking, to advise me that both options had been booked and were no longer available for us when we wanted to go.  I was fuming!

Regardless of the fact that I needed a disabled room, they could have contacted me prior to them taking another booking for both the cottages.  Finding suitable accessible accommodation is difficult and time consuming at the best of times.  I have now had to book accommodation that is not completely suitable for my needs nor is it in the location that we wanted due to the lack of suitable wheelchair accessible accommodation available.

So who knows if I’ll get a shower for the three days, but I’ll be there!