How to Amuse Oneself When Bored?

I don’t know many people who welcome phone calls from Cold Callers or knocks at their door from Door Knockers, me included.  Nowadays I have a “Do Not Knock” sticker on my front door and I am on the “Do Not Call Register” as well.  This is probably a good thing for the marketers as well as myself.

Usually I’d hang up on Cold Callers as it’s not that easy for me to answer the phone.  First, I need to get to it before it stops ringing and second when I can, I like to pick up the receiver because I can be better understood rather than when I use the hands-free speaker.

One day, years ago, I must have been bored and in a stupid mood when a telemarketer called my number. I just sat and listened to their usual introductory speech.  Then I heard, “Is mummy or daddy home?” to which I replied with something like, “No sorry, mummy died last year and I put daddy in an aged care home the other day.”  The voice on the other end of the line gave their condolences and I couldn’t hang up fast enough.  All I wanted to do was to piss myself laughing.

Every day for the week following I’d laugh each time I had thought about what I had done as I hadn’t planned it – it just happened.  Then I’d amuse myself further and would wonder whether the caller had really understood what I had really said.

I do have a wicked sense of humour but some would say that it was just strange.  Or am I just plain nasty?