Go, Go-Card

It has only been in the past three to four years that I have been able to use trains to go out on my own.  I love them.  Unlike cabs I find them: quick and easy to use, inexpensive and you get to meet some weird and wonderful people.

Before I could even dream of the limitless possibilities of where I could take myself, I had many unanswered questions such as: How the hell am I going to be able to use a Go Card?  How do they work?  What will I do when (not if) I drop it?  Will anyone pick it up for me?  Will the Go Card still work if I spasm and my hand clenches putting a crease in the card?  Is it a slot, where you push the card in and have pull it out?  A simple bit of cardboard poses so many questions for me and this small flimsy card is a major key to my independence and freedom.

The answer to all of the above questions is the lanyard. I wouldn’t be able to catch trains on my own if I had to pay cash for tickets because I am physically unable to take money in and out of a purse.  So if it weren’t for being able to put the Go Card in a lanyard and that over my arm, I would not have the ability to go out on my own.

Who would have thought that a small bit of plastic with a piece of string hanging from it would give a person so much independence and freedom!