Blogging: Finding a Good Balance

Everyday for the last two weeks I have been trying to come up with ideas for blog topics because my aim was to post at least one blog each week.  Before I setup the Facebook Page for 52 Weeks of cp to attract more Readers I also wanted to have a few blogs written so that I would have them up my sleeve for when writer’s block set in or when life just gets in the way.  Wham!  Both happened, life has thrown a couple of curve balls and the dreaded writer’s block set in.

A couple of my Lifestyle Support Workers suggested writing about things like: How people walk in front of me when I’m out and look back at me with a dirty look as if I was the one ‘in the wrong’ when I nearly hit them; Internet dating and all the stuff that comes with that or becoming an aunty.  Nothing grabbed me though I wanted to post something before I started losing my reader’s interests.

The last two ideas are probably too personal because I don’t want to introvertedly disrespect anyone by giving away too much information about them nor do I want my blog to become a personal diary.  So now sitting in front of my keyboard I feel like that I am typing aimlessly and have bored you with my attempt to keep your interest while I try to find the balance of being an interesting blogger while maintaining the privacy of myself and others around me.

Until next time when I have thrown my writer’s block out of window!