Am I Related to the Grinch?

Late November each year I slowly turn into a Grinch-like character wanting to shut Christmas down. Like Mr Grinch, I would love to have my own cave where all Christmas presents are destroyed, not one Christmas Carol would be heard except for “Do They Know It’s Christmas” by Bandaid, Christmas cards would be extinct and there were no shops.  Everything that I wanted or needed would just be there or it would just magically appear.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Christmas as a kid.  What child doesn’t like the build up to Christmas Day?  Counting down the days, writing letters to Santa stretching the truth a bit by telling him how good you’ve been all year and looking forward to all of those new things from relatives who you haven’t seen all year.  How exciting!

No, it’s not exciting, it’s bloody annoying! Having to go the long way round to negotiate my way around extra stock that have been put in the middle of aisle preventing me from going down it.

No, it’s not exciting, it’s bloody annoying! Having people trigger my Startle Reflex because they’re rushing around not looking where they’re going and bump into my wheelchair.  This would not be half as bad if people had basic matters and apologised or at the least acknowledged that they’ve run into something.

No, it’s not exciting, it’s bloody annoying! Having to open envelopes with Christmas Cards with your name and senders name written on it especially from people who live in the same city as you. It’s just a bit of cardboard with a sparkly picture on the front.  Whatever happened to spending valuable time with each other?

These are only a couple of reasons why the Grinch and I have so much in common.  Also like the Grinch, deep, deep down I really do love Christmas and probably just need / want someone to rip my Grinch mask off.