All I Needed Was An Egg Flip

A couple of days after Christmas I needed a new egg flip so I went down the road to get the all important egg flip.  I didn’t bother writing a list because I just went for one thing – the egg flip.  Simple!

I walked through the Self-Serve with a couple of cartons of my favourite flavoured milk Cool Choc Mint and a tub of ice cream that I didn’t really need. The thought went through my head a couple of times, that there was something that I had to get or do while I was here but I couldn’t think of it until everything was put away and my shoes were taken off.

Damn!  The stupid Egg Flip!  On went my shoes and back to the shops I went, laughing at myself.  Miss Piggy obviously has her priorities right!

I’m not one to make gross statements and in spite of many negative beliefs that I grew up with, a lot of people do go to the shops multiple times a day for one or two items and guess what?  No one would notice or even care.  Though one must wonder how many would not miss a woman with brightly coloured hair in an electric wheelchair!?