A Day in the Country

Recently I went to Boonah to their Open Studios weekend because a few weeks before this I saw on the Great Southeast TV show that a Mouth Artist was going to be displaying her paintings.  She was my best friend in Special School.

I spent my first 18 years at a Special School at New Farm and I was best friends with one girl all throughout this time.  If anyone wanted one of us and we weren’t together, they would only need to ask the other.  We were inseparable until she left school when we were sixteen. We hadn’t seen each other since then and I don’t even remember if we really kept in touch much after that.

Unfortunately she wasn’t at the Open Studios weekend when I was though I was able to see some of her work and grab her Business Card.   In making the most of the day after having the most awesome Eggs Benny brunch at Flavours café, I decided to go on a bit of a drive out of town to see if I would recognise my friend’s old farm.  Having driven for a few minutes doubt started to set in.  I could only remember that the farm was out of town.  How far and in which direction, I had no idea because the last time I would have been out there would have been when I was in my early teens.

Not wanting to drive aimlessly forever just to turn around to drive down the same road, I turned around after about ten minutes.  Heading back into town I came across their Tourist Information Centre and decided to stop to ask if they knew how far out of town my friend’s Farm was.  Armed with the information that I was on the right road and I just needed to drive about ten minutes further, I went to use their toilet before going back out.

For those of you who do know a little about disabled access, from my photo below you’ll totally understand that when my Support Worker opened the door for me, I just laughed and said, “Ok!  I didn’t need to pee!”.  For those of you who need it to be spelt out to them, just as whoever designed and built it obviously did, it is always handy if the toilet is remotely close to the handrail.

All in all it was a really good day because I found the farm, had the best lunch I’ve had in ages, I got to see my friends amazing artwork and icing on the cake would have been getting to see my friend but being able to email her was the second best.